Automated Football Dummy

The Future of Football Training


Endless Possibilities with Football Dummy

Neuronics believe we can provide a platform where coaches and trainers can be actively training and coaching their players through the app from anywhere, anytime. We added that some athletes are already using HomeCourt to work remotely with their coaches when one of them is on the road. 

From Automation to Insight

The Neuronics tackle dummies are the result of a collaborative effort between Dartmouth College’s head football coach, Buddy Teevens, and a group of student-athletes and engineers from Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering. Their goal in designing the dummies was to help reduce head injuries suffered during practice. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1.6 – 3.8 million concussions occur during sports activities annually. In 2013, the Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research conducted a study that evaluated data collected from nearly 20,000 high school and college football players and found that more than 50% of concussions occur during practice.


Pro Level Performance, Safe & Drive Smart Control Technology

This is supposedly the league of football the way it once was. But today, in this northern outpost of the Ancient Eight, a program soaked in football’s past is trying to drag the sport into the future.

Football dummy-1

Eliminate Head Injuries

58% decrease in concussions and reduces head injuries. Our priority is making the games safer for young athletes

Football dummy-2

Increase Participation

The Neuronics Robotic Dummy built to simulate the size, weight, speed, and agility of a player, allowing high-quality full contact reps in a more controlled

Football dummy-3

Reinforce ProperForm

Allow players to experience live, game-like scenarios without putting teammates in harm’s way

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Keep Player Fresh

Allow coaches to vary each rep making players make game-like decisions & reactions


Smart Control

Providing a great teaching tool for athletes that are learning and perfecting proper technique.


Grass Mode

Switch between turf and grass mode for optimal performance on your field. This is safe for use on your grass.


Add Automated Robotic Dummies into Your Practices

58% decrease in concussions Dartmouth College Football
46% of all concussions occur during practice
Our priority is making the games safer for young athletes

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