Electric Powertrain (EPT) Design Services

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We’re disrupting the value chain. By providing hardware and software, we create more opportunities for everyone. Hacking motors and flying cars. This is not just tomorrow, it’s now. We are making it easier for you to do what you couldn’t before.

State of the Art Engineering Services

Sustainable and clean powertrains require the permanent design improvement of the traditional IC engine. Due to the increasing complexity between the interrelation of the IC engine, transmission, electric motor, battery and controls, a comprehensive development approach is also required to deliver market-tailored, competitive powertrain solutions on schedule.

Electric Power Train Design

Turnkey Integration Services

Neuronics is a skilled and technology driven company that has successfully delivered unique, specialized and specialized services for the integrated control systems on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Electric Power Train Design

High Voltage PCB Design

Designing circuits for eco-friendly vehicles requires expert knowledge of high voltage and fully-integrated PCB design. Our team has the expertise to solve tough issues with unique products that optimize electric vehicle performance.


Your partner for next-generation electric and hybrid vehicle power electronics products development; delivering world-class PCBs and solution to reach market innovations quickly, easily, and cost effectively.


Electric Power Train Design

Low-Cost Retrofits

We can integrate the Neuronics systems in both new and used equipment chassis. Although originally configured for heavy equipment, the system can largely be adapted to any industrial application. Retrofits can offer a lower cost alternative when developing your first prototype before serial production.

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Neuronics is a trusted name by multiple EV OEMs and Manufacturers to innovate their electric power trains. Consult your project with our EV experts and find out more. 

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