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Hardware in the Loop Testing

In HIL testing services we give real-time simulation services for the end to end HIL setup. Implemented in model-based design to see if its fits into realization workflow. It is very flexible test automation tool.

Software Development Services

We provide software development services to small and large scale companies across various business verticals. Our design solution is focused on Human Centric Model. We believe that organization’s success is through its software.

Research & Development Services

We at Neuronics always looking for better solutions to extend our services to high-tech economy. We analyze strategy, practice and impact in cluster with proper research & development processes. We have broad range of expertise from various disciplines.

Cyber Security Services

Enabling organizations to rapidly detect, respond, and neutralize damaging cyberthreats. Our Cyber Security platform delivers comprehensive security analytics with an integrated system. We protect critical infrastructure. 

AI Enabled Trace Automation Solution

AI enabled Trace Automation Solutions opening doors to new opportunities of AI and delivering new generation of ideas & products. We help you automate critical decision-making & businesses processes support to accelerate development.

Electric Powertrain Design Services

We leverage our expertise of electric powertrain design with sustainable and improved IC engine. From architecture design and Control Systems Engineering; we can provide flawless service delivery and prototyping.

Embedded Solutions

Enabling future of the business with innovation, IoT, Compact Systems, networking, AI, SaaS, and electronics. Embedded Solutions that meet all market expectations. We offer complete spectrum of solutions & services.

Internet of Things Solutions

We help you build real-time IoT solutions to operate quickly, efficiently, better understand customers to deliver enhanced customer service, improve decision-making and increase the value of the business. We are reducing the complexity, ensuring device efficiency, and driving innovation across the enterprise solutions.

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Neuronics is a trusted name in field of engineering related solutions and innovations. Find our more how we are helping 100+ businesses across 3 continents. 

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Neuronics, helped us with a state of the art vehicle recommendation engine, which became a core part of our sales strategy and growth.

VP Engineering, Leading Car Maker in Germany
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We’re disrupting the value chain. By providing hardware and software, we create more opportunities for everyone. Hacking motors and flying cars. This is not just tomorrow, it’s now. We are making it easier for you to do what you couldn’t before. What once sounded like a pipe dream is now happening every day, with new advances and discoveries in technology taking place every day. We are a global innovation lab for transformative engineering related solutions, now advancing research and development, solutions, and partnerships with more than 20 world-leading global companies to accelerate the future of industry.

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Enterprise Solutions with Machine Learning Capabilities

Help Your Business Win!

Neuronics is a trusted name in field of engineering related solutions and innovations. Find our more how we are helping 100+ businesses across 3 continents. 

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Speedcam ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance System: Speedcam is a product by Neuronics, readily available to car manufacturers and OEM providers to disrupt the vehicle safety with advanced features that can help reduce driver fatigue.

Football Dummy

Having our deep interest in sports and football lead us to creating a robot (football coaching dummy) Coming soon to retail market. 

Sales Consultant

Need a smart recommendation engine built for your sales teams or for helping customers to make smarter choices in terms of which engine power they should opt for etc.? Our Sales Consultant solution can help. 

Instrument Cluster

We design, manufacture and integrate instrument clusters as per your requirements and needs. Be it your vehicle or a vessel. We are here to serve you. 

customer Testimonial

We care about our customers experience too

SpeedCam Solution by Neuronics has been really beneficial for us as OEM manufacturer as it helped us to add advanced ADAS to our vehicles without spending a lot on engineering behind it.

Karla Lynn

OEM Vehicle Manufacturer
I struggled to gain key insights how my my boys can get better and what mistakes they do on floor. Neuronics AI Coach is a must have for all basketball teams which helps us with daily training sessions and provides live recommendations.

Lead Coach

Detroit Pistons
We had piles of social data which needed to be cleaned and we needed to extract key insights. Neuronics software development team built some interesting tools to help us with that. And scaled our efforts quickly.

Head of Market Research

A Development Bank