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Endless Possibilities for Oil and Gas Industry

We’re providing optimized automaton solution for oil & gas industry. We are using technology to ensure efficiency and safety of workers & operators, even in remote monitoring systems. We are creating hardware and software to collect real-time data using sensors, blowout preventers, choke valves, and the artificial lift technology. we create more opportunities for oil & gas industry for predictive maintenance & upstream field development. This is not just tomorrow, it’s now. We are making it easier for you to do what you couldn’t before.

Digital Transformation for Oil & Gas

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Neuronics helps future economic prospecting and provides solutions for oil & gas and other companies who are struggling from the complexity and dynamism of digital changes. We streamline Technology Management for the Energy Industry that create and manage digital ecosystems to help innovation leaders make capitalism better.
Our mission is to promote the digital transformation in the oil, gas and energy industry with a set of innovative technologies offering a complete range of hardware, software, cloud computing and telecommunications. Digital transformation is important for future ecnomic prospecting and solutions. We analyze the roles, responsibilities and intersect points in energy value chain and operational flexibility. And by combining IoT/AI, we are able to learn from the past, predict and improve the future performance.


Our Services and Use Cases for Oil & Gas Industry

Neuronics helps companies understand their midsream & upstream digital future and defines the best course of action tailored to their unique situation. And serving industry participants, offering a range of disruptive technology and business solutions to get a clear understanding of industry players as they embark on the journey. From analyzing the roles, identifying partners to Data & infrastructure development.


AI for HSE

Our Smart Health, Safety, and Environment monitoring platform uses machine learning to improve HSE operations. That can prevent any unauthorised enteries and also keep track of employees health & saftey working on site and their gas exposure. Our detailed AI sytems can predict risks or combines computer vision and big data analytics, robotics, cloud-based applications, and IoT platforms to provide an effective solution.


Industrial Inspection Automation

Neuronics has developed non-destructive testing & inspection techniques for oil & gas industry; regarding safety, equipment reliability, environmental protection, and official regulations. We have developed a system for inspection of Gas Pipeline, Gas Burn-off Stack Tip, Platform Construction, & Emergency Response.


Seismic Imaging Services

Neuronics analysts have extensive, worldwide experience, having processed seismic data in different regions of the world. We are currently conducting surveys to develop data pool library programs containing both 2D and 3D seismic imaging. Conduct E&P more cost-effectively & map reservoirs in detail. Our geo-engineering expertise is at your disposal to architect and design flawless turnkey integrations.


Gauges & Valve Automation

Neuronics automotive software can power your next automated driving, enhanced cyber security, engine control and more needs. Our SpeedCam (ADAS) product provides added safety to drivers while reducing driving strain.


Seismic Data Processing

Smart AI systems are developed & used for seismic data storage and calculation. Seismic data is filtered and enhanced to obtain maximum information for interpretation. From typical acquisition to the deployment of advanced systems to gather data on one unified platform including prestack migration, post-stack migration, and amplitude versus offset (AVO) analysis.


Reservoir Simulation

Optimize development plans for new fields using our advanced programming solutions. Our built-in features can also assist with operational and investment decisions. It provides a holistic view with its detailed reservoir model. We can create simulations based on your requirements. We have a team of experts who can create simulations according to the site using different models.

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