Software Tool Supports Strategic Planning

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The Customer

Mueller Plastics is the plastics division of Mueller Industries and is a leading manufacturer of plastic drain waste and vent fittings, pressure fittings and valves used in the housing industry

The Challenge

In order to evaluate their current production and to plan for future business, the customer needed to know their available
capacity at each of four plants and to analyze the most cost-effective way of increasing capacity under different business scenarios. They wanted the ability to evaluate the effect of moving molds and parts between facilities, as well as the ability to plan for capital expenditures.


The Solution:

Neuronics developed a software model to analyze current capacity, recommend alternative molds and presses to minimize capacity constraints, and determine the future mold and press needs based on a variety of forecasts, such as annual volumes or annual production weights. The customer uses this model as a tool to evaluate different scenarios that affect capacity, such as adding, removing or
moving parts, molds and presses to other facilities. They also analyze capacity for consolidations and expansions, and determine equipment requirements for future sales.